The ARSP Accreditation is granted to aerobic bacteriology laboratories that maintains suitable performance standards.

The bacteriology laboratory applying for ARSP Accreditation shall undergo and is required to pass two (2) phases to be granted accreditation.

  1. Proficiency Test (Phase I) : The applicant laboratory shall receive unknown bacterial isolates for identification and susceptibility testing. Laboratories are required to pass this phase to be able to proceed to the second phase, which is the inspection.
  2. Inspection Visit (Phase II): Laboratory inspectors shall visit the laboratories which passed the proficiency test and assess the current practices and infrastructure using a standard tool adapted from WHO Laboratory Assessment Guide.


Fill up the online application form and submit electronic copies of the requisite documents through this link:

Applications shall only be accepted through the online registration portal on the following dates:

Opens: 03 June 2024 I 8:00 AM

Closes: 30 August 2024 I 5:00 PM

Important Note: The registration portal shall automatically close on August 30, 2024, 05:00 PM Philippine Standard Time. The ARSRL strongly advises applicant laboratories to complete their application well ahead of the registration closing date in order to ensure participation in the 2024 Accreditation Cycle. This is to avoid challenges that may be encountered due to online traffic, system updates and maintenance as well as incomplete application when registration is made near or on the closing day.


  1. Floor Plan of Bacteriology Laboratory reflecting actual and current work area of the bacteriology laboratory
  2. Current Hospital License to Operate
  3. Calibration certificates and photos of the following laboratory equipment: Biosafety cabinet, incubator, autoclave
    • Calibration certificates and reports should be up to date.
    • Calibration certificates should include the evaluation results of the following parameters:  
      • Biosafety Cabinet – Inflow Velocity Test, Downflow Velocity Test, HEPA Filter Leak Test,  and Smoke Pattern  
      • Aerobic Incubator – Temperature
      • Autoclave – Pressure, Temperature and Sterilization Time
  4. Notarized Affidavit of Undertaking signed by the Hospital Director (Click this link for the suggested template)


A. Application/Proficiency Testing Fee

A fee amounting to Php 12,000.00 shall be paid to the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine after the submitted application documents have been duly verified by ARSRL to be valid and complete. Payments should only be made upon receipt of a Statement of Account (SOA) from the ARSRL Secretariat

Note: An applicant laboratory which has remitted payments prior to receipt of an SOA from ARSRL shall take on the responsibility of the tasks and the risks related with the recovery of the unauthorized remitted application fee.

Proof of payment (Deposit slip or online banking copy) for application should be uploaded on the portal on or before 5:00 pm on August 30, 2024 and should be duly labelled with the a) Hospital name, b) PT code, and c) SOA Number.

B.  Inspection Fee

This fee applies to institutions who pass the Proficiency Testing. The schedule of fees shall be computed based on actual travel expenses of the inspection team to the applying laboratory.  The amount and deadline of payment will be communicated through email.

C. Mode of Payment

Payments can only be made through the following channels:

  1. Over-the-counter deposit (Cash/Check) in any branch of the Landbank of the Philippines
  2. LANDBANK Link.BizPortal  (

Proofs of payment should be uploaded together with the Statement of Account number which shall be provided through email after verification of submitted documents.