Dr. Thomas O'Brien and Dr. John Stelling

Author of WHONET software, WHO Collaborating Centre for Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance, Boston

Congratulations on the 25th Anniversary of ARSP! Tom remembers the excitement at the meetings of the WHO Regional Office of the Western Pacific (WPRO) in Manila in the late 1980s when we learned that the Philippines would start a national antmicrobial resistance surveillance program and it has been a pleasure for John to assist the excellent support team at RITM and their collaborators over the years. We have both been thrilled to see how well it has developed and how much it has accomplished. ARSP has been for many years an invaluable resource for health services in the Philippines, and it is especially valuable now for the Western Pacific region as WPRO is launching a new initiative to develop antimicrobial resistance surveillance in all its Member States, that such an excellent model is nearby.

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