1. Is my institution qualified to apply for ARSP Accreditation?
    All hospitals in the Philippines with tertiary clinical laboratories and with valid license to operate from the Department of Health are eligible for ARSP Accreditation.

  2. What is the process of ARSP Accreditation?
    An institution applying for ARSP needs to pass two (2) phases for successful certification:

    1. Proficiency Test: The applicant laboratory will be sent unknown bacterial isolates in Nutrient Agar Butts for identification. Worksheets shall be provided together with the analytes to be sent back to the ARSRL via fax/e-mail at a specified deadline. Laboratories should obtain at least 75% in the proficiency test to pass and proceed to inspection.  

    2. Inspection: ARSRL staff will be visiting the laboratories which passed the proficiency test and assess the current practices and infrastructure using a standard assessment tool adapted from WHO Laboratory Assessment Guide. Laboratories need to score at least 75% in the assessment to obtain certification.

    A comprehensive guideline for ARSP Accreditation participation can be seen in the ARSP website (www.arsp.com.ph).

  3. We have already sent a check worth 7,000.00 before June 2020. Will our application still be accepted?
    Yes. Application will be accepted. However, applicants will be required to send an affidavit of undertaking through email. An email shall be sent to your institution using the email address indicated in the application form to notify of the requirement and the deadline.

  4. What can we expect after the sending the application?
    After sending the application requirements, the ARSP Secretariat will send acknowledgement of receipt of application documents to the e-mail indicated in the application form. If application documents are incomplete, you will be required to complete these within a given deadline.

  5. When can we expect to receive the certificate of ARSP Accreditation after application?
    Certificates of accreditation shall be granted to the applicants who passed both the proficiency testing and the laboratory assessment. Certificates are provided to successful applicants by July of the succeeding year.

  6. Our laboratory has passed RITM National External Quality Assurance Scheme (NEQAS) for Microbiology. Is ARSP Accreditation still necessary for PHIC reimbursement?
    Yes, this is in accordance to PhilHealth Circular No. 2015 s. 2006.  

  7. How much is the inspection fee and when should it be settled?
    The inspection fee is computed at cost to cover transportation and accommodations and is estimated based on the laboratory’s locations.  Breakdown of costs shall be provided together with the notification of inspection for laboratories which passed the proficiency test.

  8. How do we know that our application is accepted?
    An acknowledgement letter shall be sent by the ARSP Secretariat upon receipt of the application documents.  

  9. We failed to submit by August (current year). What will happen if we submit requirements by September 01, onwards?
    Requirements submitted after the last working day of August (current year) shall not be accepted. If the deadline is missed, your institute is then advised to submit on June – August of the following year. 

  10. We did not get a passing score in the proficiency testing last year and we wish to re-apply. Is there still a need to submit all requirements?
    Yes. Requirements for ARSP Applications is required to be updated yearly to ensure that documents are current.

  11. What will happen if requirements submitted are not complete?
    If requirement submitted are incomplete, the application will not be considered accepted. The laboratory will be given opportunity to complete the requirements within a given deadline.

  12. When can we receive an official receipt for payment?
    Official receipts shall be sent out via courier together with the analyte for the proficiency testing.

  13. Will our staff be accommodated if we walk-in to RITM for submission of requirements?
    No. Application documents should be sent via courier or application may be done online.  

  14. We are currently accredited by ARSP. When can we re-apply for ARSP Accreditation?
    Your institution is eligible to apply if your accreditation will be expiring in 1 year. For example, your validity will expire in 2021, re-application will be accepted in 2020.