Pseudomonas aeruginosa is an opportunistic pathogen that possess various intrinsic antimicrobial resistance mechanisms.  This study analyzed the multilocus-sequence type, presence of AMR genes and phylogenetic relatedness of 176 P. aeruginosa isolates from the Philippine Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Program from 2013-2014. Carbapenem resistance was associated namely with loss-of function of the OprD porin, and acquisition of the metallo-β-lactamase VIM. Multi-locus sequence types ST235, ST244, ST309, and ST773 were detected to have clonal expansions of XDR genomes. ST235 was the predominating sequence type among the isolates and it was suggested that this ST is a unique Philippine lineage. This study highlights the importance of infection control interventions aimed to curtail the spread of international epidemic clone ST235 within the country.

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